At birth

  • Lambs and kids drying upon birth.

  • Navel string drying.

  • Comfort and hygiene in the farrowing area. 

In the sleeping place

  • Sleeping place drying.

  • Insect repellent effect. It limits aggressions and skin parasites.

  • Substantial reduction of ammonia emissions.

  • Less humidity and lower pathogens risks

  • Best hygiene of the sleeping place and udder.

  • Improved bacteriological quality of the milk.


  • Upon birth, immerse the navel string in Sanisec.

  • Sprinkle after each calving at 250g / day / box or 150g / m².

  • Around the automatic milk dispenser to dry the environment conducive to development of bacteria, sprinkle 100gr / m².

  • In the presence of animals, sprinkle Sanisec in the building.

In the sleeping place at 50g / m², 3 times a week.